March 2, 2023 | Dan Weidman

Student Voices Series: Jayke

“It was more focused on what you want out of your entire life. Not just your job. It really is related to real life.” – Jayke, a 9th-grade student

One of the primary benefits of a personalized learning journey is that it helps students better understand themselves now. For Jayke, a 9th-grade multi-sport athlete, her entire life has been about competition. Naturally, she thought her lifestyle pathway would be centered around being a Competitor. Find Your Grind helped her understand she is much more than a competitor and has changed her perspective relating to her natural strengths. For Jayke, she can now make more informed decisions about her life currently and into the future, by understanding she is also a natural Connector, Analyzer, and Leader

As Jayke continued through the curriculum, she has enjoyed how much more personalized the experience has become and feels more confident in her next steps in life by getting a head start on finding out what careers support the lifestyles she wants to pursue. 

More about Personalization: 

Find Your Grind’s learning journey is personalized from the very beginning when students take the Lifestyle Assessment. This assessment helps students better understand themselves now and prepare for the future as well. When students take the Lifestyle Assessment, they determine their unique Lifestyles based on their interests and personal strengths, develop greater self-awareness of their own identity through a process of self-discovery and reflection, and begin the journey to a greater understanding of who they are now and who they want to become. From there, their journey officially begins!

Every activity a student completes helps further personalize their journey according to their individual responses. In particular, our chat-based and survey templates are designed to capture each individual response in order to share those insights with learners, directly. Each behavior, like, and click is a data point used to shape the learner’s profile. But above that, learners have the agency to refine their profiles and “choose again” because, after all, self-awareness is a journey. Additionally, at specific moments throughout the experience, students are asked to “heart” the content or attributes they resonate with most in order to refine their personal results. This is all balanced with constant exposure to “unlikely” aligned content in order to continue to provide options students might otherwise be limited from. Educators have full visibility into students’ personalized experiences through their Educator Dashboard and can help guide their discovery journey along the way.

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