February 8, 2023 | Dan Weidman

Student Voices Series: How Has Find Your Grind Impacted Me? 

“Every unit has made me feel like I am starting to understand what I want my future to look like” 

– 9th grade Find Your Grind student 

Since the inception of Find Your Grind, our focus has always been on putting students first. From the content we deliver to how we engage learners through gamification and bite-sized activities, our goal has been to provide an experience that meets Gen Z where they are, how they like to consume content, and inspires them to be lifelong learners. Why? The result we measure success by is how Future Ready a student feels. 

Welcome to the Find Your Grind Student Voices series, where we will highlight a student’s perspective on the Find Your Grind learning journey. The following essay was sent to us from a 9th-grade student who recently completed the 18-unit curriculum. 

I have never participated in a program like Find Your Grind. At first, I was told it would help us find ourselves and look at future careers, but I wasn’t sure what it would look like. However, it has really opened my eyes to all the things I should consider while thinking about my future. 

My biggest take away from Find You Grind has been the “Flipping the Funnel” method where lifestyle comes before careers. Knowing this has changed my mindset about finding a future job. Suddenly, looking into what I want to do doesn’t seem as urgent as figuring out how I want to live. Exploring the lifestyles and exploring myself throughout the units has given me a better understanding of what I need to do to discover who I truly am and who I want to be. This curriculum is set up in a way that is easy to navigate and keeps you thinking about your life. 

I have always had a general idea of what I want to be when I grow up but Find Your Grind has really helped me think about all the possibilities. The program, along with the mentors, has provided me with so much information about different careers and lifestyles. Every unit has made me feel like I am starting to understand what I want my future to look like. 

My favorite part of this experience has been looking at the many lifestyles. I had no clue that there were so many categories of ways to live depending on your interests. Then, I was able to find careers I may enjoy depending on the lifestyle I choose to live. Being able to see how others live depending on their lifestyle as well has really helped me see different perspectives.

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