September 1, 2021

TGR Foundation implements FYG nationwide to ensure students are future ready

TGR Foundation, a Tiger Woods Charity, launches FYG’s latest learning product in their Learning Lab and across their satellite campuses

Find Your Grind is proud to announce TGR Foundation (TGRF), A Tiger Woods Charity, has launched FYG for Education at their flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California and across their satellite campuses nationwide. With TGRF’s partnership, ten educators are guiding hundreds of students in learning more about themselves and their next steps using Find Your Grind’s newest platform. 

TGRF’s mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education. They have transformed after-school learning for students by focusing on immersive, hands-on STEM and experiential classes. As TGRF’s main focuses for students are developing a growth mindset and career preparedness, a partnership with Find Your Grind was a natural fit.

TGRF serves a diverse student population – among youth served annually, 85% of participants are from low-income households. TGRF actively recruits and serves students who are historically underrepresented in STEM careers. This is reflected in the high rate of female (40%), first generation (93%) and minority (82%) enrollment in TGRF programs. 

“TGR Learning Labs will integrate the Find Your Grind curriculum to supplement after school programming. Through FYG students will engage in self-discovery and career exploration to help them understand who they are and build a pathway for where they want to go,” said Dr. Katherine Bihr, Vice President of Programs and Education at TGR Foundation. “Through Find Your Grind, we want young people to find their passion, recognize their potential and understand there is a pathway for them that meets their lifestyle. We want them to know that there are mentors and resources around them that can and will support them along their personal and professional pathways to success.”

TGR Foundation first joined Find Your Grind’s beta program this past summer, in which two educators, Saki Hashimoto and Hope Enyart, guided students through an abbreviated version of the FYG learning platform and curriculum. Read on to hear about their experiences using the beta program and what they hope to accomplish with Find Your Grind this school year. 

As an educator, how has your experience been with FYG so far?

Hope: “Find Your Grind has been a nice edition to have in addition to our curriculum. I have been able to have conversations that may not typically have happened in our limited time with our summer students. The nature of our summer programs is short and does not always allow for us to build deep relationships with our students, but FYG has been a tool that allowed for us to connect more quickly.”

Saki: “As an educator, I am enjoying being able to guide my students through the FYG program. I appreciated the training beforehand to ensure my comfort level with the content and website. The website is very easy to navigate for instructors and students. I also really appreciate the FYG staff in their flexibility and willingness to listen to our feedback!”

Tell us about your Beta experience. Did you find value as an educator in being able to pilot and share feedback?

Hope: “It’s not often when we get to test out a product before it’s released and provide input for a more successful end result. As an organizer and a planner, it has been a valuable opportunity to be able to pilot the Beta experience so that we can plan on how best to incorporate it into our everyday classes as well as anticipate the changes that may come in the near future. FYG really took the time to listen to our feedback and have already released updates on comments that were made so I don’t feel as if the Beta experience was just a formality but rather something that FYG really wanted and valued which in turn makes me feel as if I didn’t waste my time testing and sharing feedback.” 

What was some of the feedback you received from students? 

Hope: “Students have been enjoying the topics presented by FYG because it allows them to take a break from the grind of school and testing. It allows them to take a moment to think about what is important to them and realign their goals to what they truly want for themselves – not just what adults want for them.”

Saki: “Students loved the design and format of the website. They really enjoyed being able to focus on the activities and that it was self-paced. I definitely think they will enjoy using FYG, especially when they will be creating accounts and utilizing the website at their own pace.” 

What impact do you think FYG will have on TGR’s students this year?

Hope: “I hope that students will take the FYG experience and learn to think more critically about what adults tell them is normal or expected. Whether it comes to their future, schooling, communities or lives in general, I hope they can understand that things are changing, possibilities are endless and there isn’t just one expected path that everybody needs to take. If college after high school is their path, great. If it isn’t, also great, but think critically about the

why and not just the what.”

Saki: “I think FYG will give our students the space, time and resources to think about who they are as a person, what their values, skills and talents are, and figure out what type of life they want for their future. They are constantly shown who or what they should be, and I think it is important to create that space for the students to be able to reflect on themselves without external influences.”

Find Your Grind is thrilled to partner with TGRF over the next three years to create impact for students across the country.

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