May 5, 2022 | Jay Stansell

“This is indeed an EdTech product that stands out” – This is Milk Consultancy

Find Your Grind provides an in-class plus independent learning experience

Find Your Grind is featured in a new long-form article on that showcases the researched-based approach Find Your Grind uses to develop our product and ensures our curriculum exceeds standards, whilst also delivering a learning experience that learners love – not just another utility product.

The Find Your Grind platform ensures that not only students are capable of discovering careers and lifestyles that suit them — they also include definitive ways to measure their coursework and learning progress that align with expectations according to the standards. 

Tremis Skeete – This is Milk consultancy

The article, a huge 17-minute read goes deep into the background of Find Your Grind and surfaces how Find Your Grind used a modern product-led approach to ensuring the product solved a critical problem, delivered a positive experience, and met the learning outcomes expected from SEL and career readiness products.

Written by Tremis Skeete, Product Manager, Research and Data Science for This is Milk consultancy, took the time to interview our Founder and CEO Nick Gross, and President and VP of Product, Jay Stansell.

The Four Pillars of Future Readiness
School leaders in the United States take their education standards quite seriously, for it’s how educators on state and federal levels measure the progress of student learning and performance. Find Your Grind responds to this requirement by striving to honor USA education standards as they work to build technologies that enhance their application — by building a signature style curriculum with all the appropriate standards and guidelines in mind.

Tremis Skeete, Product Manager, Research and Data Science

The article goes deep in to how Find Your Grind takes ideas through product discovery, by identifying qualitative and quantitative insights about each new potential feature.

Background stories to the much-loved Find Your Grind lifestyles assessments, chat bots, mentors and bite-sized learning features are all featured.

Now with a distinctive product design — clean, friendly, fun, with a cool ‘ska punk’ vibe … the Find Your Grind platform is indeed an EdTech product that stands out in the world of student self-discovery and career readiness.


The full article can be read here. is the world’s largest independent Product Management community with 1,000,000+ annual readers, 7,000+ Slack members and 10,000+ podcasts downloads.

Ethical note: Jay Stansell is Founder of and President and VP Product of Find Your Grind

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