January 23, 2023 | Ian Hatcher

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Find Your Grind exposes students to the unknown…

… Careers that students have never heard of. Mentors who look and sound like them, in fields that are both historical and emerging. Skills that students didn’t realize they possessed. Lifestyles that may have only been a daydream in the past. Find Your Grind establishes the reality and the possibility of all of these things in students’ minds. In an effort to see which of these things students really love, we released the ability for students to favorite badges exactly one month ago. Let’s dive into the data and see what has occurred over the last month!

In a single month, across the 871 badges currently available to students, 507 of those badges have already been saved as a favorite, with the average student who favorites a badge doing so about 4 times. Let’s break down the badges by badge type and see if anything stands out. 

Favorited badges, broken down by badge type

Students are loving the Skills badges the most, with one out of every three badges that are favorited falling in this category. During the Find Your Grind experience, students discover skills they previously didn’t know they possessed or were unable to verbalize. By giving them the words to use and the experiences to relate to, students are taking ownership over their own skill development as evidenced in the sheer volume of Skills badges that have become favorites. Out of the 147 Skill badges which have been favorited so far, here are the badges that were favorited the most:

  1. Empathy
  2. Compassion
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Creativity 
  5. Exploration

Knowing that Gen Z has grown up with the internet and social media embedded into their lives, let’s see if the top favorited careers reflect the Gen Z cohort as a whole. With 283 different careers currently available for students to learn more about, what early trends are we seeing? Here are the top 5 most favorited Career badges so far:

  1. Animal Trainer
  2. Youtuber
  3. Esports Athlete
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Content Creator

These results are consistent with the Gen Z profile, but as we dig deeper into the sheer variety of Career badges favorited, one thing is clear – every student is unique and their choices are personal to them. 

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