December 19, 2022 | Ian Hatcher

Feedback from Students: How do we use it?

As we wrap up the calendar year, we’re sharing overall insights into what students are finding valuable in the Find Your Grind experience. We hope this is as exciting for you as it is for us!

Integrated into the learning experience for each student is a chance to provide the Find Your Grind Learning team feedback, in two different forms. Both types of feedback are completely optional and can be given by students at the end of any activity after they earn their star. 

The First Feedback Prompt

One of these questions asks “Did you find this activity useful?” Since August 1, 2022, we have received over 38,000 responses from students. The main takeaway—students are finding their time well spent! Industry badges, which scored the lowest out of all available badge types, still achieved an 80% usefulness rating by students! On the high end, Career badges were useful to 87% of all students who responded. 

Positive Feedback by Badge Type

The Top Five 

Diving into more detail, let’s look at specific badges (rather than badge types) that received the most number of positive responses. Overall positive rating: 

  1. Lifestyle First (2,093)
  2. Flip the Funnel: It’s Your Life (1,022)
  3. Why Ask Why (924)
  4. The Competitor Lifestyle (668)
  5. Got Talent? (534)

Two of the top five badges, Lifestyle First and Flip the Funnel, overall lay the foundation for all of our curriculum activities and the overall Find Your Grind approach. The fact that these badges resonate so strongly across the board with students informs us that, while this is most likely the first time students have considered themselves and their futures in this way, it isn’t overwhelming. In fact, it appears to be quite refreshing!

Here is some more data on the top badges, broken down by badge type. Do you think your students would respond this way? What topics would top the list in your class? By the way, our class Insights feature, available in the product, generates this type of information for teachers every day.


  1. Creativity (111)
  2. Exploration (109)
  3. Confidence (67)
  4. Survival skills (56)
  5. Physical (52)


  1. 3D Artist (104)
  2. Esports Athlete (101)
  3. Film & Television Actor (91)
  4. MLB Pitcher (79)
  5. Creative Producer (69)

The Second Feedback Route 

The second chance for students to provide feedback occurs if they choose to click the “Request more content” button after they have finished the activity, which students have done 2,287 times this school year so far. Beyond the curriculum badges—which receive the most requests—what types of badges are students wanting more information about? Career badges come next, with 618 requests, followed by lifestyle (498), mentor (155), skill (110), and industry (10). But interestingly, the specific badge (not badge type) that has received the biggest request for more content is the Competitor Lifestyle badge, with 91 requests. Students who are competitors will naturally be looking for their edge, and one way to get that is to consume more content, so the link here makes sense!

While this data represents all student feedback currently using Find Your Grind this year, we know that every classroom is different—and that’s part of the experience. We personalize learning to cater to the interests and curiosities of your students!

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