Future Ready New York

Future Ready New York

New York’s Future Ready Curriculum bridges the gap between social-emotional development and workforce readiness.

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Emerging Careers New York

Find Your Grind emphasizes a lifestyle-first approach to career exploration, aligning students' life goals with career pathways. It offers robust learning in self-discovery, personal branding, networking, lifestyle design, mental wellness, and financial literacy, encouraging students to create their desired life​.

Social Emotional and CTE Pathways Alignment

Find Your Grind complements New York State's Social-Emotional and Career Technical Education by offering a curriculum focused on self-discovery, career exploration, and 21st-century skills, enriching the state's occupational skill-focused education.

Portrait of a Graduate

The Find Your Grind curriculum supports the objectives of New York's Portrait of a Graduate by fostering essential qualities such as innovative thinking, effective communication, and adaptability. Its educational approach, focused on holistic development, nurtures these attributes, equipping students for success in a globalized, interconnected world.

Students who complete the Find Your Grind curriculum are 34% more Future Ready

Find Your Grind focuses on creating tailored career-connected learning, empowering students with passion and purpose. It's dedicated to ensuring graduates have robust future plans, encompassing civic engagement and financial literacy skills. This comprehensive approach is designed to equip students with essential competencies for their future, fostering well-rounded, prepared individuals ready for life's challenges and opportunities​

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Forward-Thinking Partners

Find Your Grind's partnerships with New York school districts such as NYC Public Schools, Rochester City Schools, Brentwood-Union Free School District, Gloversville School District, and Valley Central School District highlight its commitment to enhancing career and life readiness education. These collaborations aim to provide diverse student populations with innovative learning experiences, focusing on future career paths, personal development, and essential life skills. These partnerships reflect a shared goal of preparing students for the complexities of the modern workforce.

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