Asked Questions

How do I learn more about Find Your Grind’s Curriculum?

The best way to learn more about Find Your Grind’s curriculum and personalized exploration platform is to connect with our team. Find Your Grind primarily supports district-wide adoption, and we know each district is unique. Our dedicated state experts can work with you directly on how Find Your Grind can support your community of learners. 

However, we understand your time is valuable. You can also discover the answers to most of your questions right here on our website. The best place to start is our Product page, and you can also visit our Resource Center for access to case studies, webinars, feature announcements, and more!

How are districts using Find Your Grind?

Hundreds of districts nationwide use Find Your Grind’s future-ready curriculum and exploration platform to support students’ journeys toward lifelong success. Find Your Grind enhances social and emotional learning core competencies, exposes students to new career opportunities, and helps students develop 21st-century skills, including critical thinking, real-world problem-solving, and more. 

Districts implement Find Your Grind’s curriculum in various settings, including career exploration courses, advisory programs, CTE pathways, and expanded learning opportunities. Find Your Grind provides a semester curriculum through a multi-year learning journey. Learn more about our curriculum options here. 

Find Your Grind can be aligned to specific state standards and mandates for college and career readiness and personal development. Districts also partner with Find Your Grind to meet specific portraits of a graduate and other district initiatives focused on post-secondary success.

How do I purchase Find Your Grind for my school?

You can purchase Find Your Grind for your school or district by getting in touch with Find Your Grind’s team here. We’ll discuss the best Find Your Grind subscription to meet your unique needs and answer any questions you might have. Pricing is provided on a per-student basis, while our professional development experience is a daily rate for up to 20 attendees.

Does Find Your Grind integrate with any single-sign-on solutions?

Yes! Find Your Grind can support your district’s single-sign-on policies through either Clever, ClassLink, Google Classroom or Microsoft. Find Your Grind also provides a secure email verification process to sign in or username and password. All districts are provided a private domain unique to their community.

How long is the Find Your Grind curriculum?

Find Your Grind provides flexible curriculum options to meet the needs of your community. Our curriculum can be condensed for a semester-based class or used over multiple years. Each unit provides independent learning student learning time and is designed for students to spend additional time exploring Find Your Grind’s robust library of mentors, careers, and lifestyles. Find Your Grind also provides supplementary lesson plans and offline resources to engage students in the classroom; these resources add additional instructor-led time if the educator chooses to utilize them. Ultimately, Find Your Grind is designed to fit your unique needs – whether it is used as a supplemental resource or the primary curriculum for your class. The national average for implementation of Find Your Grind is 30-60 minutes per week.

How is the Find Your Grind learning journey personalized to each student?

Personalization on Find Your Grind happens in two ways: Through data-driven insights and learning content that is conducive to self-reflection, creating a personalized experience for each unique learner. Find Your Grind is all about them. Every activity is an opportunity for the student to feel personally connected to the content and create a connection to their own life. 

It all begins when students take the Find Your Grind Lifestyle Assessment. This assessment helps students better understand themselves now and prepare for the future as well. Students who take the Lifestyle Assessment determine their unique Lifestyle based on their interests and personal strength, develop greater self-awareness of their own identity through a process of self-discovery and reflection, and begin the journey to a greater understanding of who they are now and who they want to become. From there, their journey officially begins! Every activity a student completes helps further personalize their journey according to their individual responses. In particular, our interactive chat-based templates are designed to capture each individual response in order to share those insights with learners directly. Each behavior, like, and click is a data point used to shape the learner’s profile. But above that, learners have the agency to refine that profile and “choose again” because, after all, self-awareness is a journey. Additionally, at specific moments throughout the experience, students are asked to “heart” the content or attributes they resonate with most in order to refine their personal results. This is all balanced with constant exposure to “unlikely” aligned content in order to continue to provide options students might otherwise be limited from. Educators have full visibility into students’ personalized experiences through their Educator Dashboard and can help guide their discovery journey along the way.

How do Find Your Grind’s mentors work?

Find Your Grind’s diverse mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there. Students can dive deeper into their stories by watching 130+ hours of on-demand video content and reading in-depth, exclusive interviews to get a behind-the-scenes look at their journeys. Students can access this personalized content through their student dashboards or access the entire mentor library through the Explore tab.

Where does Find Your Grind source their career information from?

Find Your Grind has built the most relevant database of careers that represent the future of work. Our library of fastest-growing careers is constantly growing and delivers up-to-date information on salary, work expectations, and more. Find Your Grind’s industries are sourced through the National Career Clusters Framework, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration’s O’NET online website, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System.

What type of training and support does Find Your Grind provide?

So glad you asked! Find Your Grind is committed to creating incredible learning experiences for students that are rooted in science-based learning design, delivered through cutting-edge technology, and intuitive to use in any setting. However, we understand the challenges of incorporating new resources, and we are here to support you. You can read all about our professional development, onboarding, and support options here.

What standards is the Find Your Grind curriculum aligned to?

The Find Your Grind curriculum takes learners on a self-discovery journey with a social-emotional learning foundation to activate the future-ready skills and mindset necessary for the 21st-century and future of work. This experience equips learners with measurable growth in their self-awareness, social awareness, career awareness, and action awareness. These four pillars of Future Readiness are anchored by alignment to national standards: Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning(CASEL) and Common Career Technical Core Standards(CCTC). Contact us to receive our standards alignment documentation, or view an overview of our state-specific standards alignment here.

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