Fireside Chat with Bradlee W. Skinner: A new respect for educator health

Bradlee W. Skinner

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll learn from Bradlee W. Skinner about how his journey from homeless pizza delivery driver to Theatre Director and teacher advocate brought  on a passion for educator health.

Bradlee speaks openly about his mental health and how seeking help brought him back to education and the ability to help thousands of students and fellow teachers.

Watch this rapid-fire 10-minute Fireside Chat during your break, commute, or downtime — you won’t be wasting your time!

Bradlee, a.k.a. Phony Stark, is an educational thought leader, former assistant principal, a playwright, author, a perspective giving speaker, and an expert in school culture and climate. He is known for his quick wit, creative thought, and humorous personality.