You're an Analyzer

Your calculated, diagnostic approach allows you to evaluate the situation with no detail left unnoticed.

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Deliberate and careful, you thrive while pouring over the smallest details. You naturally gravitate toward math and science. But your relatively long attention span helps you to quickly develop technical skills — and even become an expert — in diverse fields and areas. You see the big picture while adding tremendous value to projects and teams by focusing on the small steps necessary to get there.

Though many in your squad don’t see or (or quite understand) much of what you do, you enjoy knowing your (often-underappreciated) work today prevents problems — and ensures success — for the entire team tomorrow!

“When I look at the data that we're collecting at a particular job site, every job is different no matter how similar a design is for a foundation of a building. Ultimately our work is highly mathematical and highly scientific in understanding what that data means.”
- Howard Jameson, Geotechnical Engineer

What makes you an Analyzer

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