July 2, 2023 | Harold Hare

A Look Back at the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Our school year in review: Find Your Grind’s key insights and biggest takeways

We have amazing partners.

There is a consistent theme in our curriculum. Life’s a journey, not a destination. It’s a mentality we embrace in everything we do at Find Your Grind. As a company, we are constantly learning, growing, and evolving to adapt to a changing education landscape. 

As we wrap up our second full academic year of Find Your Grind implementation, we want first to say thank you to all our incredible and forward-thinking partners. Many of whom started as beta users, small classroom roll-outs, and early adopters who provided us with a foundation for learning, growing, and evolving. You have set the stage for the growth that has propelled us through an incredible year. You are what has helped make what is possible for what’s to come. We thank you for believing and trusting in us.

There’s been so much growth.

Over the 2022-2023 academic year, we have seen a 313% increase in student adoption, guided by the hundreds of educators who use Find Your Grind daily. We listened to our partners and delivered 15 new features that now enhance learning and instruction, student engagement, and data and reporting for our administrators.

Above is an example of our new student feedback feature

We also added new content to our personalized exploration offerings.  Over the last few months, we’ve specifically added careers and mentors who have taken non-traditional paths into the NFL, the United States Army, music, and more. In parallel, we’ve also included more content on traditional professions in the medical and hospitality industries.

Overall, we’ve grown to support 80+ new district partnerships which will all officially join us in 2023-2024. Starting in September 2023 we will have active partners in 48 states.

A sneak peek of a live mentor interview for Find Your Grind!

Where and how is Find Your Grind being used? 

Below are a few of our top takeaways from the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Top Implementation by Class

Career Exploration / Life Skills Elective Class


Afterschool/Academic Class

How long is Find Your Grind implemented?

Almost 60% of our partners use our curriculum for 30-45 minutes per class!

Top Lifestyles Nationally

It’s a close race between Connectors and Entertainers nationally! Are you interested in learning about the top lifestyles among the students in your district? Connect with us today!

Find Your Grind Implementation Leaders

Congratulations to these Future Ready partners for completing over 30,000+ learning activities during the 2022-2023 school year. This is equivalent to over 2,000+ hours of learning time invested.

About Find Your Grind

In 2022 we set out on a mission to disrupt the traditional career and life planning roadmap which tends to leave students more lost or unprepared for the future. In a rapidly changing world, the linear guidance schools traditionally implement does not prepare students for today’s non-linear world. Instead, Find Your Grind empowers students to think, reflect, and discover beyond just college and career goals. The program helps students figure out who they want to be rather than merely where they want to go. This way, when they start on the zigzagging path into the future they have a strong internal compass to follow. Thus, by first exploring their true self, and the lifestyle they want to lead they then are ready to forge their own path into the future.

After using Find Your Grind, the statement “there is a disconnect between education and the workforce” shouldn’t even exist because our program fills that gap. Find Your Grind helps students develop future-ready skills, occupational awareness, and the ability to take what they’ve learned to their communities. 

If you’re interested in leading the next generation to greatness, book a call with our team to find out more. 

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