March 13, 2023 | Dan Weidman

How-To Guide: Using Find Your Grind Insights to Make District Decisions

It’s easy to hone in on the specific details of any student’s journey with the student profile feature. But sometimes educators and administrators need to understand the bigger picture and get a pulse on how their entire class, school, or district is responding to the subject matter as a group. This is what our insights feature is all about.

With the click of a button, educators can view overall engagement and progression levels. But we don’t stop there—we know that the really interesting things that can easily spark meaningful discussions revolve around revealing what content is exciting and motivating for the students. What are they gravitating toward?

  • What’s the most popular lifestyle among students?
  • What are the top careers students are showing interest in?
  • What skills have students discovered?

Our insights feature organizes this and more in a single, easy-to-digest view. And it doesn’t quit—as your class goes deeper into the curriculum the insights get richer and evolve over time. So what are the ways educators and administrators can utilize the insights features? Below are recommendations for maximizing each section. 

Future Ready Insights: This section allows educators to always understand where their students are along their Future Ready learning journey. These insights are based on our Future Ready Framework which measures students’ pathway preparedness through 4 competencies: Self, Social, Career, and Action Awareness. 

  • These insights are one way to track the pacing and overall personal development of students.
  • For administrators, this powerful tool gives you the data you need to understand how well students are preparing for the future. Use this data to support district goals and performance.
  • Who is progressing ahead? Who is falling behind? Let’s catch students falling through the cracks before it is too late and celebrate those you are ahead!

Lifestyle Insights: Lifestyle insights empower educators to have a greater understanding of who students are now and who they want to become. When students complete their Lifestyle Assessment, classroom conversation takes off. Here are some helpful ways to use these insights:

  • Educators, use lifestyle data to better engage students in any subject. If they are Competitors, increase competition! If they are Connectors, provide more opportunities for small group work! If they are Makers and Creators, project-based learning is the way to go!  
  • Understand the bigger picture of the student body — what drives them, motivates them, and inspires them. Align district and school initiatives around the lifestyle and associated skills, strengths, and interests for greater student buy-in.
  • Are you offering the right classes, programming, and extracurricular activities? Lifestyle insights deliver a greater understanding of what students will be interested in and the areas they want to pursue.

Career Insights: Find Your Grind has built the most relevant database of careers that represent the future of work. The categories align to new and dramatically changing career pathways that are blending and becoming non-linear thus focusing more on skill sets and experience, particularly in high-growth careers. Use these insights to:

  • Better understand the type of careers and industries students are really interested in.
  • Set students up for success in internships and job-shadowing opportunities.
  • Introduce the right CTE pathways, elective programming, and extracurricular activities.
  • Need a guest speaker? Look no further to understand who your learners are interested in hearing from.

Mentor Insights: Our network with over 200 mentors humanize the future of work—they provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there. Use these insights to:

  • Better understand the type of careers and industries students are really interested in.
  • Connect learners to in-real-life mentors within your school and local communities by knowing who they will relate best to and are interested in learning from.
  • Set students up for success in internships and job-shadowing opportunities.
  • Need a guest speaker? Look no further to understand who your learners are interested in hearing from.

Skill Insights: Without competence in certain skill areas, many students entering the workforce will not be equipped to succeed in their profession, even with the requisite training and education under their belts. Our unique skill assessments unlock all the power skills students have. These insights provide educators with:

  • A deeper understanding of the skills students have discovered across their entire learning journey – not just a snapshot in time.
  • The top technical skills of students  – which ones do they need?
  • The top transferable skills of students – how adaptable are your students?
  • The top power skills – how many of the most in-demand skills for the future of work do your students have? These insights will give you the answer! 

Sentiment Insights: Using transparent, inclusive, and student-centered learning outcomes, each activity enhances attention and engagement on relevant topics with learning science-informed strategies. But how are students really enjoying what they are learning? Use sentiment insights to:

  • Understand how well students are connected to their learning. We have an average of 86% approval rating! 
  • What are the top badges and activities? Is it personal branding? Finding balance? Learning about communication strategies? Whatever it is – bring your students more of this content to truly engage them. 
  • The opposite is true. What content doesn’t resonate or relate to learners? 

Curriculum Insights: Teachers can easily see individual progress and learning time through their “People” tab. Curriculum insights deliver the aggregated performance to quickly understand usage. Use these insights to:

  • See overall curriculum performance by students in one quick snapshot. 
  • Understand the average time each student is spending on their progress. 
  • Let’s be real. Is the curriculum working, or not? Are students engaged, or not? Use this insight feature to truly understand how well Find Your Grind is working in your class, school, or district. 

In summary, Find Your Grind’s Insights feature provides educators with the support to lead classroom engagement and empower educators to enjoy more magic moments and meaningful connections with their students.

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