May 12, 2022 | Jay Stansell

Esports Careers: DrLupo guides students through an esports career journey

Livestreamer DrLupo is a gifted gamer with an entertaining, caring, and easy-going personality. How did he make it big? Check out his story below.

We humanize career exploration by featuring real humans doing real things. Our mentors provide candid advice on how they got started and the steps to get there.

The full-time Twitch streamer, Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo, gives the impression a lot of things in his career have clicked recently. After all, things change quickly when new technology, new generations, and the latest entertainment all converge. It’s an exciting frontier where careers are being born in places where only hobbies existed before.


“I stream video games for a living and that’s a really weird thing to say.”

DRLUPO, Find Your grind Mentor

Lupo, who worked 40-hours a week as a systems engineer while also streaming 40 hours a week shares that “The behind-the-scenes prep that goes into being a Twitch personality is enormous”.

So, is there some secret to operating a Twitch account with 36 million total views and counting? “Some of its luck”, Lupo says. “But even in a world of streaming household video game titles no one had heard of a year ago, traditional entertainment principles apply. Have something to offer and be able to talk to the digital masses like you’re addressing each person directly”.

DrLupo, Esports Career Readiness Mentor

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