May 17, 2023 | Harold Hare

Exploring the Data Behind our Teacher Feedback Feature

In our recent efforts to empower educators, we introduced a new feature that allows teachers to provide quick feedback on their students’ notebook responses. It’s remarkable how, in just one month of implementation, we’ve witnessed a significant trend – students are actively personalizing their learning experience! Notably, a staggering proportion of feedback sent by teachers (almost half) has been dedicated to recognizing and appreciating their students’ efforts in tailoring their learning journey to their own needs. This highlights the remarkable impact of personalized learning.

Moreover, the second most frequently used feedback option revolved around fostering ongoing engagement with students. Teachers embraced this opportunity to further ignite the learning process by encouraging meaningful discussions. The power of such interactions is remarkable, as they serve as catalysts for meaningful growth and development.

Will the trends around the new feedback feature continue? Only time will tell, but for now we are thrilled that teachers are acknowledging and celebrating students’ personalization efforts and providing them with continuous guidance! By nurturing an environment that promotes active learning and student engagement, outcomes are sure to follow!

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