May 23, 2022 | Jay Stansell

Feature Focus: The Learner Portfolio

The Find Your Grind Learner Portfolio celebrates the learner’s achievements and more uniquely surfaces new personal insights from using Find Your Grind.

The Find Your Grind learner portfolio surfaces new insights such as the future readiness of a learner

In April 2020, when we were ideating how the next product iteration of Find Your Grind could bring unique value to learners and educators, the highest-ranking item we collectively rated as a critical value-based feature was “personal insights”.

From that research-based design sprint, we’ve come a long way, however, assisting learners in identifying and comprehending personal insights remains a critical component for generating learning outcomes that align our Future Ready framework and the Find Your Grind logic model.

Anatomy of the Find Your Grind Learner Portfolio

When designing the learner portfolio, we discovered early on that to engage Gen-Z learners with a product, the product design has to look and feel like something that they would use outside of school.

Our product design team set out to achieve a balanced interface that delivers easily finding information that is critical for educators to understand a student’s progress, and at the same time feels like an engaging Gen-Z product, rather than a utility or assessment tool.

The result is a balance of art and science; a beautiful interface that is functionally satisfying.

Our data-rich, dynamic profiles inspire students to routinely evaluate how they’ve developed, new insights they’ve gained, and how future-ready they feel.

Beautiful custom artwork is featured in the Find Your Grind product experience for educators and learners

The Find Your Grind Future Ready Indicator

Our Future Ready Indicator is a rich data component indicating key growth areas for each student.
Our purpose is to develop more future-ready learners. We measure learners’ future readiness across four dimensions of awareness (self, career, social, and action) before, during, and at the end of their learning experience. Our approach is informed by our Future Ready Theory of Change.

Power Skills Identification

Our unique chat interface is one of the most loved activities by learners. Its Gen-Z approach to disarming students to share information about themselves is rare in social-emotional learning products.

Soft skills have been recognized as critical for employees and leaders, which is why we call them Power Skills. Our curriculum makes learning about these skills visible and explicit. We provide a language and a practice to develop them for life.

Skills identification for a learner in an engaging Gen-Z friendly interface

Identifying the skills learners already have and the skills they need is a big part of being successful in meeting their goals.

In the background of our chat-styled activities, we calculate life-long power skills the learner is illustrating they have. The result on their learner portfolio is a complete record of skills unique to them, along with recognition for every skill they’ve studied.

My Find Your Grind Lifestyles

The Find Your Grind Lifestyle Assessment is the first step toward a more purposeful career journey. With the top three lifestyle matches always front and center for learners, they are able to recognize themselves in these lifestyles in an ongoing manner.

The sixteen Find Your Grind lifestyles

Personalized Careers

We’ve done the research and design work to feature career titles and industries consistent with the latest changes in new technologies, economies, and ways of working. In the careers section of the portfolio, learners can find careers they’ve investigated as well as a personalized set of careers recommended as a fit for them based on our recommendation engine.

Personalized Mentors

Our network of mentors represents the future of work and the companies leading the way.

Becoming the next 3D designer, architect, or world-renowned nutritionist is right around the corner. Learners watch our mentors share real-life stories and personal experiences.

Based on favorited or liked mentors, our recommendation engine will smart-match relevant mentors to check out, right inside the learner portfolio.

The learner portfolio also features curriculum progress, showcases learning activities that students have marked as inspiring, and provides the final certificate of completion at the end of the curriculum.

To learn about the Find Your Grind portfolio and how it helps students learn more about themselves through who they are, please contact us.

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