September 14, 2023 | Harold Hare

Fireside Chat with Evalaurene Jean-Charles: “Students Got Something to Say!”

Release date: Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Length: 10 minutes
Featuring: Evalaurene Jean-Charles
Topic: “Students Got Something to Say!”

In less than 14 minutes, you’ll learn from Evalaurene Jean-Charles a dedicated educator, advocate, and the CEO & Founder of Black on Black Education, an education consulting firm supporting schools in using student voice and student-centered practices to enhance school and classroom culture. Also, as a current 9th-grade history teacher in the Bronx, Evalaurene has made a profound impact on her students’ lives. Recognized for her commitment to educational equity and social justice, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master of Arts in Teaching. She has participated in prestigious programs and conferences. As the CEO & Founder of Black on Black Education, Evalaurene continues to work towards a more inclusive and student-centered education system.

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