April 12, 2023 | Harold Hare

Listen in to the CodeCombat Podcast: Self-Discovery with Nick Gross

Find Your Grind shares a common goal with CodeCombat, to enhance student success in today’s fast-paced, digital world. CodeCombat takes an innovative approach to computer science instruction with a mission to make the magic of programming accessible to every student. Collectively, we ask and answer important questions that challenge the effectiveness of facilitating positive student progression.

Unlocking Student Potential

What passions drive your students? Do they want to be athletes or artists? Do they want to be TikTok stars? Do they want to invent the next iPhone or space rocket? Nick Gross, Founder of Find Your Grind, shares how we can tap into student passions to encourage self-discovery and improve the education experience!

“I think self-discovery is honestly the most important piece of anything in learning, like having that confidence and that identity of the things you value, the interests you have, the inherent strengths you have and talents that you carry…”

Nick Gross

Preparing for the Future

In this episode, Nick draws on his own experience as an early music talent to explain how he founded Find Your Grind — the platform that empowers Gen Z students to be future ready by defining their lifestyle as a prerequisite for career planning. The Find Your Grind curriculum gives students the ability to tailor the life they want to live and guides them on how to follow their dreams. Nick discusses the importance of adaptability, project-based learning, and self-discovery, offering valuable insights for educators and students alike.

Listen to the podcast:

Find Your Grind is personalized to meet students’ needs, empower them to pursue their passions, and prepare them for a successful future. Our curriculum fosters self-awareness, future-proofing skills, and exposure to careers and industries. To learn more, contact us.

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