August 9, 2022 | Bryan Wanzer

Naturopathic Medicine Careers: Dr. Lilian Au guides students through careers in naturopathic medicine

Dr. Lilian Au is a naturopathic doctor at University of California Irvine and shares her inspiring story and career journey for students.

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Dr. Au knew she wanted to be a doctor growing up, especially after getting medical care from her family, who used both conventional and traditional Chinese medicine. Those early experiences inspired her to become a doctor integrating both Eastern and Western medicine in her practice.

She completed pre-med studies with the goal of applying to conventional medical schools. As Dr. Au was still figuring out her medical school path, she was mentored by a naturopathic doctor in Chicago, IL. She learned firsthand how to integrate a clinical practice and training in conventional, complementary and alternative medicine which inspired Dr. Au to go into naturopathic medicine and start the journey into building the career she has today. Dr. Au has been in practice for over 12 years now and is fulfilling her childhood dream of being the doctor she had set out to be.

“Live, love & learn. Live for what inspires you, love what you do and never stop learning.”

Dr. Lilian Au, Naturopathic Doctor and find your grind mentor

Dr. Au uses her experience and career journey to give impactful advice to students. She had to work hard to find, and sometimes even create, opportunities for herself in a field that has limited space for naturopathic doctors. This motivated Dr. Au to work hard, learn more, and ask questions and she passes that advice on to students.

“If you feel motivated to learn about something new, don’t be afraid to ask questions. And if there’s not an opportunity that exists, make it.”

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