March 2, 2023 | Dan Weidman

Student Voices Series: Emely

Being Future Ready is much more than only understanding the career title or postsecondary direction a student might pursue. The ability to feel confident and understand natural strengths and skills are critically important for students to feel ‘ready’ to take on their life journey. 

“Find Your Grind has helped me the most with my Self-awareness – it helped me learn skills such as observation, adaptability, and attention to detail. And by being more self-aware I feel more future-ready!”

-9th grade Find Your Grind student

For 9th grade Find Your Grind student, Emely, Find Your Grind’s curriculum has helped her better understand herself, provide her with the guidance to make decisions about her life direction, and the skills that will empower her to thrive. 

Emely quickly increased her confidence about her future mindset in her Find Your Grind learning journey when she connected with the Healer Lifestyle. The attributes, values, and related skills of the Healer resonated with her the most and helped kick-start an impactful process of self-confidence and self-awareness. 

The Lifestyle Assessment developed by Find Your Grind is a unique tool that goes beyond traditional personality assessments by providing useful and original information. While many personality assessments provide labels for different “types” they often fail to provide much beyond a description of that type with potential strengths and weaknesses. These tools are often only a snapshot of where an individual is in the present moment. They do not consider future potential or how it can be harnessed and developed.

The Lifestyle Assessment and the corresponding curriculum have been designed with a revolutionary approach in mind. Our future-proofing curriculum allows students to develop greater self-awareness, discover future-proofing skills, gain exposure to careers and industries, and begin the process of designing their ideal lifestyle.

Skills are an important component of the Find Your Grind experience. Without competence in certain skill areas, many students entering the workforce will not be equipped to succeed in their profession, even with the requisite training and education under their belts.

Find Your Grind tailors the skills we recommend to each student based on their personal lifestyle interests. We prioritize skills that will help each individual student be successful in their own journey into the workforce and throughout their life.

Besides elevating the most pertinent skills to the top of their list, Find Your Grind also enables students to identify skills and talents they have, but may not be aware of. Our unique skills identification technology engages students using a fun, Gen Z-focused approach. The learning journey is constantly adapting, allowing students to learn more about and how to develop their newly-discovered skills, in real-time!

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