March 1, 2023 | Dan Weidman

Student Voices Series: Kooper

When Kooper first started Find Your Grind, she was like most students when starting something new – reluctant, hesitant, and assuming it would be just one more thing she had to do in class. Once she immersed herself in the experience, her opinion quickly changed as she connected to the mentors and careers introduced to her by Find Your Grind personalized recommendation engine. 

“At first, I was a normal student, I didn’t want to do it, it looked time-consuming, then I went through (some) of it, and I was like ‘oh!’, It is easy, I am actually learning from it, and I am not getting bored from it. Now I am like, oh I really like this.”

Kooper’s two biggest takeaways from Find Your Grind have been the introduction to multiple different career pathways and mentors that truly have a common connection with her as a student. Kooper was impressed with all the different pathways being introduced to her in career fields she never knew existed. And her favorite mentor, Alexander Rossi, taught her to have confidence, and believe in the people around her to find success in life! 

9th-grade student talks about her Find Your Grind learning experience

Find Your Grind has built the most relevant database of careers that represent the future of work. Our library of fastest-growing careers, with currently over 300 careers, is constantly growing and delivers up-to-date information on salary, work expectations, and pathways to get there. Careers are organized into Find Your Grind’s Industry Categories list. The categories align to new and dramatically changing career pathways that are blending and becoming non-linear thus focusing more on skill sets and experience, particularly in high-growth careers. 

Find Your Grind’s Mentors play an integral role in a learner’s career exploration, as their stories provide tangible, contextual examples and create opportunities for others to jump-start their own. We believe stories are just as, if not more so, important as statistics when helping the next generation discover new opportunities.

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