Future Ready Arizona

#1 Future Ready solution to help students discover their desired life path and build skills, all starting in middle school.

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Future Ready Arizona

Emerging AZ Careers

Our career library houses hundreds of careers in the fastest growing Arizona industries in technology, infrastructure, healthcare and manufacturing/retail. Students will be exposed to these relevant careers based on their lifestyle assessment.

AZ CTE Profession Skills Standard Alignment

Our curriculum delivers on the need to build transferable power skills and you can see exactly how in our Professional Skills Standards alignment. This curriculum can be used for both middle and high school, and beyond.


Middle and High School Career Education

Find Your Grind is excited to be a part of the burgeoning middle school career education space in Arizona. Students are developing their identity through the lens of strengths and interests that they will carry into High School as they make decisions about CTE courses and electives.

Students who complete the Find Your Grind curriculum are 34% more Future Ready.

We've developed our online platform and curriculum to help students build the skills they need to succeed.Our curriculum is centered around our four core competencies: Self, Social, Career, and Action Awareness. These competencies are designed to help students develop a deep understanding of themselves, their interests, and their goals, as well as the skills they need to achieve success in any Future path they choose. By focusing on these four competencies, we've seen that students who complete our curriculum are 34% more future ready than other students. Find Your Grind offers solutions 6th-12th grade.

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Eric can listen to your needs and contextualize how Find Your Grind specifically supports emerging Arizona careers and builds skills to help students become future ready.


Forward Thinking Partners

Some of our partners include Cochise Technology District, Vail Unified School District, and Academy of Building Industries. See how we can prepare your students for the world of work.


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