April 1, 2024 | Harold Hare

Student Spotlight: Success Stories from TGR Foundation

TGR Foundation, a charitable organization established by Tiger Woods, is committed to inspiring students to pursue their passions through educational opportunities. It has revolutionized after-school learning by prioritizing engaging, practical STEM activities and hands-on experiential learning at the TGR Learning Lab. TGR Foundation’s mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education. They have transformed after-school learning for students by focusing on immersive, hands-on STEM and experiential classes. As TGR Foundation’s main focus for students is developing a growth mindset and career preparedness, a partnership with Find Your Grind was a natural fit.

Find Your Grind’s approach to career exploration and self-discovery perfectly aligns with TGR Foundation’s mission, creating a synergy that enhances the educational experience. Through the Future Ready Curriculum, students learn a lifestyle-first approach with access to mentor resources, career guidance, and personalized learning paths that encourage young minds to explore their interests and understand their potential, revealing unique pathways to success.

The partnership reveals success stories of students who have benefitted from the combined efforts of TGR Foundation and Find Your Grind. These narratives are testaments to the impact of the Future Ready Curriculum, serving as sources of inspiration and motivation for students, educators, and supporters of educational innovation. Let’s dive into these remarkable young individuals’ journeys, aspirations, and achievements, whose experiences underscore the transformative power of education and self-discovery.

The Versatile Creator

“[Find Your Grind] has helped push me to not only collaborate with different peers but also to understand each other and learn more about teamwork.”

Pearl’s journey through Find Your Grind’s dynamic ecosystem reveals a spanning interest in multimedia and cooking classes, showcasing a rich blend of creativity, analytical thinking, and competitive spirit. Taking the Lifestyle Assessment revealed her top three lifestyles—Creator, Analyzer, and Competitor—reflecting a multifaceted approach to learning and personal development. What makes her experience particularly captivating is the gamified nature of Find Your Grind, likened to the immersive worlds of video games, which have made education enjoyable and profoundly effective for all learners. Beyond the fun and engagement, Find Your Grind serves as a conduit for collaboration, students to forge meaningful connections with peers, and fostering teamwork and mutual understanding in ways that traditional school electives could not. The commitment to Find Your Grind has catalyzed significant personal growth, notably in time management and self-discovery, empowering Pearl to explore a future in the arts and marketing.

The Aspiring Cinematographer

“I actually took a class on video editing since that was something [Find Your Grind] recommended me to learn how to do in order to pursue my career.”

Brandyn embarked on an educational voyage that broadened perspectives on potential career paths and aligned passions with practical goals. Brandyn’s exploration through Find Your Grind revealed diverse career exploration from the unexpected allure of hairstyling to the dynamic fields of cinematography and videography. The expansive mentor library revealed insights from Shelby Parks, a freelancer with an impressive portfolio including work for Pepsi and Skechers, who served as a pivotal inspiration for Brandyn, igniting a drive to pursue freelance cinematography. This journey of self-discovery was further enriched by engaging in multimedia classes at the TGR Learning Lab. Find Your Grind’s personalized approach, which encourages learners to reflect on their interests and lifestyle preferences before guiding them toward suitable careers helped Brandyn identify a passion for cinematography.

A Personalized Learning Journey

“I like how it’s set up, because it’s pretty simple. You can see the salary, the qualifications, the location, the hours, pretty much some of the basic necessities for the job that you want right at hand.”

In a walkthrough by Brandyn, the Find Your Grind platform comes to life as an intuitive and personalized educational tool. Upon logging in, users are greeted warmly, immediately immersing them into an environment where their journey and preferences take center stage. Key features like mentors, portfolios, and a user-specific notebook are highlighted, offering a holistic approach to career exploration and self-discovery. Brandyn draws attention to the platform’s dynamic elements, such as recommended careers, mentors, and skills, alongside a unique badge system that tracks and encourages progress. The ability to filter careers by various criteria—including lifestyle, which Brandon personally values—underscores the platform’s commitment to aligning professional paths with individual preferences. Find Your Grind’s flexible user-driven platform details course offerings with actionable learning steps and the opportunity to request additional content. Brandyn’s narrative showcases a tool that facilitates the exploration of diverse career options and grows with its users, encouraging them to delve deeper into their interests and potential career pathways while providing a comprehensive snapshot of their personal development journey.

A New Era of Education

The Find Your Grind + TGR Foundation partnership illuminates paths for students to discover and pursue their passions while reinforcing the essential role of personalized, engaging education in shaping future leaders. Through their stories, we see the embodiment of determination, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of personal growth, fostered within an environment that values and nurtures potential. 

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