Future Ready Florida

Empowering Florida Educators to Prepare Every Student to Be Future Ready.

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Future Ready Florida

Emerging Florida Careers Exploration

Find Your Grind offers an extensive library of on-demand videos covering emerging Florida and national industries. Find Your Grind provides students with real-world insights into various industries and careers. The videos are designed to help students explore different career pathways and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and job opportunities.

Florida State Department Alignment

Find Your Grind Aligns with Florida State Department of Education Career Readiness Education Framework by providing online curricula and resources that emphasize self-discovery, employability skills, and career readiness. Our mission is to empower students to identify their passions, develop their skills, and create a clear path towards their dream career.

Flexible Implementation

At Find Your Grind, we recognize that every school and district has unique needs and goals when it comes to implementing Future Ready Curriculum. That's why our program is designed to be flexible and adaptable, with options ranging from a single semester to four years of implementation. Our curriculum is suitable as a core or supplemental resource and is designed for grades 6-12. Regardless of how it's implemented, our program offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

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We've developed our online platform and curriculum to help students build the skills they need to succeed. Our curriculum is centered around our four core competencies: Self, Social, Career, and Action Awareness. These competencies are designed to help students develop a deep understanding of themselves, their interests, and their goals, as well as the skills they need to achieve success in any Future path they choose. By focusing on these four competencies, we've seen that students who complete our curriculum are 34% more future ready than other students. Find Your Grind offers solutions 6th-12th grade.

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Meeting with Tyler Harrington, Florida Partnerships Coordinator, can help in exploring how Find Your Grind can be integrated with your school's unique needs and goals.

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Florida State Standards

Discover how Find Your Grind aligns with Florida's Career Readiness standards.


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