Future Ready Virginia

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Future Ready Virginia

Emerging Virginia Careers

Aligning closely with Virginia’s growing industries, including Service, Technology, and Agriculture, Find Your Grind introduces students to careers they may never have known existed like our Aquaponic Farmer and Instructional Designer. Our library of fastest-growing careers is constantly growing and delivers up-to-date information on salary, work expectations, and pathways to get there.

Support for Virginia’s 5 C’s

Find Your Grind supports Virginia’s 5 C's and prepares students to become future ready by encouraging them to develop greater self-awareness and discover future-proofing skills. From gaining relevant skills and aligning to the 5 C's, students will learn real-world problem solving skills and build expertise.

Career Investigations Alignment

Our turn-key curriculum aligns directly with the Career Investigations standards and encourages students on their journey of self-exploration to create a lifestyle-first future. By prioritizing learning outcomes, students will identify and demonstrate the transferable skills that employers look for in their future employees.

Students who complete the Find Your Grind curriculum are 34% more Future Ready.

Without competence in certain skill areas, many students entering the workforce will not be equipped to succeed in their future professions. By uniting your CTE High-Quality Work-Based Learning program with the Find Your Grind curriculum, your students will be set up for future success as they learn, apply, and refine their workplace readiness skills. Our goal is to empower students to develop power skills into strengths of their own!

Meet with your local Virginia Account Executive

Meeting with Amanda, Virginia’s Account Executive, can help in exploring how Find Your Grind can be integrated with your Career Investigations classes, aligning with the Virginia’s 5 C's, and supporting your work-based learning program.

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Virginia State Standards Alignment

Discover how Find Your Grind aligns with Virginia's Career Investigations curriculum, providing educators with a valuable tool to engage students in exploring and preparing for their future career paths.


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