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Future Ready Georgia

Emerging Georgia Careers

Aligning closely with Georgia’s growing industries, Find Your Grind introduces students to careers they may never have known existed, including an Aquaponic Farmer and Manufacturing Business Planner. Our library of fastest-growing careers is constantly growing and delivers up-to-date information on salary, work expectations, and pathways to get there.

Find Your Grind Aligns with GA CTAE Classes

Find Your Grind prioritizes learning outcomes to focus on intended goals and align teaching, learning, and assessment to maximize the likelihood that students will achieve their desired outcomes and become future-ready. Our turn-key curriculum aligns directly with GaDOE’s CTAE courses, including Middle School Career Development and the Workforce Ready Career Pathway. It is designed to fit your unique needs - whether it is used as the primary curriculum for your classes or as a supplemental resource.

Profile of a Georgia CTAE Graduate

Find Your Grind supports Georgia’s Profile of a CTAE Graduate with the Future-Proofing Skills that can serve students in future pathways. By personalizing the skills recommended to each student based on their assessments, students will be set up for success in their own journey into the workforce and throughout their life.

Students who complete the Find Your Grind curriculum are 34% more Future Ready.

Find Your Grind can support your work-based learning students in preparing for program interviews and selecting meaningful placements, developing self agency along the way. Schools in GA have used Find Your Grind to reskill, learn new skills, and upskill students for their future and WBL opportunities. Once placed, students' portfolios come to life with self-reflection, About Me statements, Future Readiness Indicators, and mastered skills.

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Meeting with Amanda, Georgia’s Account Executive, can help in exploring how Find Your Grind can be integrated with your middle school career pathways and pathway preparation, your CTAE classes, and your WBL program.

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Georgia State Standards Alignment

Explore how Find Your Grind aligns with Georgia's career competencies, promoting career awareness and effective career management, making it a valuable resource for educators seeking to empower students for future success.


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