Future Ready Ohio

Empowering Ohio Educators to Prepare Every Student to be Future Ready. NEW: Find Your Grind - Availability in Spanish. Explore Ohio's Career Connection Framework for Middle School and High School Standards. Meet with our Ohio Rep., Tyler Harrington.

Future Ready Ohio

Unleashing Ohio's Career Potential With Find Your Grind

As an educator, guide your students towards success with Find Your Grind. Students will discover Ohio's top emerging industries like—Advanced Manufacturing, IT and Software Development, Renewable Energy—as well as be empowered to explore diverse career pathways. Find Your Grind offers an extensive library of on-demand videos which provide students with real-world insights into various industries and careers. The videos are designed to help students explore different career pathways and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and job opportunities.

Find Your Grind and Ohio's Career Connections Framework - A Perfect Match!

Find Your Grind aligns with Ohio's Career Connections Framework. The framework emphasizes the importance of preparing students for successful careers by equipping them with essential knowledge, skills, and experiences. Find Your Grind, with its comprehensive approach to career exploration and development, empowers students to discover their passions, interests, and strengths while providing them with real-world insights into various industries and career pathways. By promoting self-discovery and providing practical resources and guidance, Find Your Grind supports Ohio educators in their efforts to implement the Career Connections Framework and prepare students for a future of meaningful work and lifelong learning.

Embrace Success on Your Terms: Unleash the Power of Flexible Implementation

At Find Your Grind, we recognize that every school and district has unique needs and goals when it comes to implementing Future Ready Curriculum. That's why our program is designed to be flexible and adaptable, with options ranging from a single semester to four years of implementation. Our curriculum is suitable as a core or supplemental resource and is designed for grades 6-12. Regardless of how it's implemented, our program offers a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Together we can empower Ohio's most Future Ready generation! Join the movement today!

As our network expands rapidly across the state, we're collaborating with visionary schools, pioneering districts, forward-thinking ESC's, and esteemed education organizations. Together, we're revolutionizing the way educators equip their students with the essential tools, resources, and confidence to excel in the future. Take a look at some of the remarkable collaborations already thriving in the state: Bellevue City Schools, Maple Heights City Schools, Mercer County ESC, Montgomery County ESC, and the list goes on. Together, let's empower the future leaders of Ohio and build a thriving Future Ready generation.

Meet with your local Ohio Account Executive

Meeting with Tyler, Ohio’s Account Executive, can help in exploring how Find Your Grind can be integrated with your school's unique needs and goals.

Meet with our Ohio Team

Ohio State Standards Alignment

Discover how Find Your Grind aligns with Ohio's Career Connection Framework for both Middle School and High School, providing educators with a valuable resource to guide students towards successful career exploration and development in the state of Ohio.


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