March 1, 2023 | Dan Weidman

Find Your Grind 2023: Implementation Trends 

School districts across the country are starting to introduce curricula in the instructional day that meets the new challenges of preparing students for the 21st century. Core subjects such as Math, Science, History, and English will always remain in the fabric of students’ educational studies, however, the last two years have provided schools an opportunity to revamp their instructional models and deliver a more personalized and interactive learning experience focused on the whole child.

This blend of personalized curricula, data-driven insights, and content focused on future-ready skills will continue to be in greater demand as school districts grapple with ways to better prepare their students for the rapidly changing world they are entering into.  

As one of the first innovative learning solutions to provide this new conversation in the classroom, Find Your Grind will be the model for how school districts take on this new challenge. 

So how are educators nationally using Find Your Grind? Let’s take a look at our classroom trends from the 2023 semester. 

Top Implementation Across Student Populations:

  • 43% of schools/districts implement Find Your Grind across an entire grade-level
  • 28% of schools/districts implement Find Your Grind across multiple grade-levels 
  • 29% of schools/districts implement Find Your Grind in an elective course students can choose to take 

Top Implementation per Class Type: 

  • Advisory Period / Independent Study
  • CTE Electives 
  • Student-Wellness / Social-Emotional Development

Top Implementation Time per Class: 

  • 25% use Find Your Grind for 30 minutes 
  • 24% use Find Your Grind for 45 minutes 
  • 20% use Find Your Grind for less than 30 minutes 
  • 8% use Find Your Grind for 60 minutes 
  • The remaining % of educators selected “other” 

Top Implementation Cadence: 

  • 28% of all educators use Find Your Grind daily 
  • 29% of all educators use Find Your Grind weekly 
  • 13% of all educators use Find Your Grind more than once a week 
  • The remaining % of educators selected “other” 

About Find Your Grind’s Curriculum: 

Find Your Grind’s curriculum changes the conversation around future readiness — asking students what kind of life they want to live, then guiding them to create it. The emphasis on social-emotional learning and student agency while challenging students through inquiry and reflection provides educators a tool to meaningfully engage their learners on how to be successful in a world that is changing faster than ever. Educators are provided with various supports to lead classroom lessons geared toward empowering educators to enjoy more magic moments and meaningful connections with their students.

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